DC vs MD Care for Low Back Pain

To aid, a study looking at this question compared the effectiveness between medical and chiropractic treatment. Over a 4-year interval, 2780 patients were followed with questionnaires. Low Back Pain patients were treated using typical approaches by both MDs (Medical Doctors) and DCs (Doctors of Chiropractic).

Chiropractic treatments included spinal adjustments, physical therapy, an exercise plan, and self-care education. Medical therapies included prescription drugs, an exercise program, self-care guidance and about 25 % of the patients obtained physical therapy.

The study concentrated on present pain intensity and functional impairment (activity interference) measured by questionnaires mailed to the individuals. It was documented that chiropractic was favored over medical treatment in the following areas:.

� Pain relief in the first 12 twelve months (more evident in the chronic patients).
� When lower back pain radiated below the knee (more evident in the chronic patients).
� Long term LBP sufferers without any leg pain (during the first 3 months).

Similar trends leaning toward chiropractic were seen for impairment but were of lesser significance. All patient groups saw substantial improvement in both pain and disability over the four year study period.

Acute patients saw the greatest magnitude of upgrade with quite a few obtaining symptom alleviation after 12 weeks of treatment.

This study also found early intervention lowered chronic pain and, at year 3, the acute LBP sufferers who received earlier intervention stated fewer days of LBP than those who held back longer for treatment.

While both MDs and DCs treatment approaches helped, it's quite clear from the information reported that chiropractic should be utilized.

These results support the value of early intervention by chiropractic physicians and make the most sense for those of you debating the question of who to see for your LBP. For more information, go to lower back pain

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